Sarah, Oldham UK 1:1 Healing

I can honestly say that it  was wonderful. Rachel makes you feel very safe and comfortable and explains what you may experience during your session, although it is difficult to know as each time is different. Rachel tunes into you and uses her own beautiful sounds and vibrations to heal you. I can only describe the experience as feeling as though I was in the presence of ancient feminine wisdom it was almost as if I was being whisked away to ancient lands. It was uncanny how she was able to tune into things that were currently bothering me and things from my past that she could see were linked. . Almost a month after the sessions I still feel the same, so I know that I have finally been able to clear the blockages.


Where there was dark, there is now light, where there was rage there is now calm and I can say that I now completely understand myself, my current and past behaviours and my triggers and wow that is so empowering. Everything now makes perfect sense to me

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