Personalised Sound Healing Track

Healing for you every day 


Let me create you you very own sound healing track that will support and heal you on a daily basis.

Do you need to:

Let go of pain

Heal emotional hurt

Boost your energy and sense of positivity 

Get better sleep

Release your fears

Calm your mind 

Whatever you need the track for, I can help you.

How does it work

We have a 30 minute introduction call where I get to meet, connect with you and your energy and really understand how you want your track to help.

I then go away and record your track. Whilst I'm recording I connect with you and your energy so I can create exactly the right track for you.

Cost £167 

The value of this is priceless as you'll have this track tailor made for, for life

Click on the button below purchase a track and set up your 30 minute call. 



"Rachel puts her heart and soul into what she does. She truly has a gift to intuitively feel what I need, and beautifully expresses it. I am honored and blessed to have received her healing voice. Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your gifts"


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