Monthly healing sessions for your body & mind


Deep Relaxation & Time Out Every Month

A chance for you to let go of any heaviness, manage your stress, & be guided into a place of deep relaxation - without having to leave your home. 

Would you like to take time for self care but struggle to prioritise & fit it in? 

Perhaps you struggle with..... 


  • Overwhelm

  • Inability to switch off

  • Over active thoughts

  • Lacking in energy

  • Ability to get a good night’s sleep

  • Pain

  • Low mood 

  • Anxiety & Worry 

If so these deeply relaxing sound healing & energy healing sessions could be for you!

Tune in from the comfort of your own home. 

Twice a month you can..


  • Join in a Group Sound & Energy Healing Session to raise your vibrations

  • Experience the power of my healing voice - Feel how the sounds, vibrations &  energy can dissolve any emotional & physical blockages held within.


You will feel…

  • Healed from the inside out 

  • An inner stillness

  • Calm

  • Soothed 

  • Balanced 

  • Energised


With the knowledge that you have begun to release blockages that have been weighing you down. 


Invest in your own Health and Wellbeing by allowing time for you

Sessions will be held 2 x monthly  in a Private Facebook Group

Upcoming Dates are

Tuesday 9th June, 23rd June, July 14th, July 28th, Aug 4, Aug 25, Sept 8, Sept 22 at 20:00 BST 

Each session is made available for 5 days so you may listen back if you can't attend live 


Rachel Wayte

Rachel is a Sound & Energy Healer 

She helps people free themselves from pain, stress, & trapped emotions that have been keeping them stuck & stopping them live the life they deserve. 

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