I'm Rachel Wayte

Sound & Energy Healer 

I specialise in helping you release pain, stress, heavy emotions that have been keeping you stuck & stopping you live the life you deserve.

Do you feel stuck?  Do you know something’s holding you back?  An emotional or physical pain perhaps..? Or do you just have a sense or a feeling that something is weighing you down and you need help letting it go?

If so, you are in the right place.


In March 2018 I turned 40 and started a huge shift of personal development and expansion. I started to let go of all the “stuff” that had been holding me back from truly stepping into my purpose. It was a tricky but freeing experience.

I hired a mentor and she helped me step into my light and purpose as a healer. I’d been seeing people on a 1:1 basis for over 8 years but had always called myself a massage therapist because it felt safe, yet knew that there was much more to what I was doing than simply massage.

For a long time I had been scared to advertise my healing abilities for fear of my friends, family and clients thinking I was “weird” or “strange”. 

Yet I knew deep down that I had a gift and that it was needed, so I let go of those fears. 

I channel healing energy & sounds. I have deep sense of intuition and knowing of what my clients need. I know where people are in pain, I know where they are hurting, where they feel blocked & l help them to free themselves from this stuck energy . I also heal with my voice, by singing. The resonances help to clear blocks in people’s bodies and shifts blocked energy. I am a classically trained singer so using my voice as a way to heal. It feels so natural and unique a way of being able to use my gifts.

I have helped clients let go of deep pain, their depression and anxieties, their emotional traumas and helped them to find lightness, ease and clarity again in their lives again.

Are you ready to let go of the things that have been weighing you down? 

Book in a private session or set up an intro call with me


I look in the mirror & I see something that I love..

I fell in love with myself

How powerful is this feedback from a beautiful client after 3 sessions of working with me. She had wanted to feel more confident & love herself more and she got exactly that :) 

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