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Monthly Healing Circles

Find stillness & calm every month 


Are you looking to find stillness amongst the chaos of life..

Now you can.

Every month I run a group healing hour via a private webinar link.

You can join in from anywhere and get the healing you need.

The healing circles are for you if you want to:

Reset your system 

Take time out for yourself 

Balance your energies 

Find stillness & calm

Let go of emotional or physical pain

Be more connected with yourself and your inner guidance system.


Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday February 11th - Loving yourself 


Part 1. I participated in one of Rachel's online group healing circles. I had her focus more on emotions, since I wasn't having much physical pain at the time. I literally felt so relaxed and like jello when I was done. My body felt so light and all the tension was gone. It was so amazing how she made me feel without laying a single finger on me

Part 2. I recently injured the inside of my right foot. The pain and swelling started on a Tuesday. No matter what I did, I had no relief for 3 days and I thought I would have to see a Dr. because it was hard for me to walk on it. Saturday I reached out to Rachel for the recording of our previous session. I sat in a quiet place and listened to it again. Only a short time later, I noticed the swelling was going away and I was able to bend my big toe normally. AND I have been able to walk on it without pain since! I'm quite amazed. Thanks Rachel Wayte