Have you ever found yourself staring in the mirror looking at  someone who is tired, lost, and frustrated with life?


Perhaps on the surface everything “looks” okay. You have a house, a job, and a wonderful family. “I should be happy,” you keep telling yourself. 


Yet deep down…you’re the opposite of happy!


Instead of the joyful, fulfilling life you crave, you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and empty.


Yet as badly as you want relief from this charade, you see no way out.


If that’s you, I’ve got good news for you: There absolutely is a way out. You can get unstuck.


Best of all, it won’t require years of therapy or painful regressions into the past.


In fact, it can happen in just 14 days, and in a moment I’ll tell you exactly how.


But first, let me introduce myself.


Hi, my name is Rachel Wayte, and I’m a Sound, Energy Healer &

Spiritual Mentor


Today my life is more fulfilling than I once dreamed possible, but not so long

ago I was drowning in misery.


From the outside, you’d never have believed my life was anything but perfect. 


I had a very supportive husband, a beautiful young daughter, and

had left a mundane job I hated to open my own therapy business.


But on the inside, things were anything but perfect.


I’d wake up feeling awful for no reason. There were days I just couldn’t stop






And to make matters worse, I was beating myself up ALL the time for not feeling as happy as I thought I should feel. I felt stuck, and saw no way out.


Things continued like this for months…


Until the day of a very honest conversation I had in my kitchen with my husband.


I’d been crying, again, when he finally up and asked me, “Do you really want to change?” 


It was like a switch flipped, and I realized that YES, I DO.


I knew there was a bigger purpose for me out there.


I knew I wasn’t meant to keep feeling like this. 


Staying stuck was no longer an option.



I knew having help would get me results faster, so I hired a mentor and participated in regular healing sessions.


Not only was I able to heal from emotional and physical blocks preventing me from living with purpose and joy, I stepped into my purpose as a healer and spiritual mentor.


You see, I’d known for years about my gifts, but was too scared to use or advertise them. Instead of sharing them, I hid them behind massage therapy. (Maybe you can relate to that - holding back your gifts out of fear others will judge you?)


By removing these blocks with the help of a mentor and healing sessions, I freed myself to finally say YES to using my gifts of helping others release what’s weighing them down and heal from the past traumas keeping them stuck and in pain.





Very often, it’s hard to know what is keeping you stuck  the issues getting in our way are buried deeply within our subconscious, outside the awareness of our conscious mind, like the deep roots of a very old tree. You know those roots are there, but you cannot see them. 

What most people don’t realise is that the pain they're experiencing, whether it’s physical or emotional, is often trapped somewhere within their body.


My gifts allow me to help you release these blocks, and the self sabotaging behaviours that come with them, like fear, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm (to name a few)…


So you can not only move forward in your life, but do so with lightness, clarity and ease.


How do I help

I'm a Sound,  Energy Healer & Spiritual Mentor -  A formerly trained classical & opera singer, who for many years hid my healing and spiritual gifts for fear of being seem, being heard and fear of my own light. Back in March 2018 I felt stuck ,weighed down by the feelings that I wasn’t fulfilled and that there was more I should be doing with my life. I knew things had to change and I made the brave decision to stop hiding and really step into her power and capabilities as a healer.


I now use my powerful singing voice for what it was meant for - helping others to heal.

I use sound, energy & intuition to help purpose-driven women get unstuck so they can fulfil their deepest desires & make a lasting impact. I work with clients from across the globe to help them free themselves from their past, release heavy emotions & deep pains so they too can find the strength to step into their truth & power.

And now I’m stepping up to help people just like you begin to find yourself again and start the journey towards a more fulfilled and happy life


INTRODUCING 14 days to Getting Unstuck
A 14 day programme of healing and mentoring to help Get Unstuck so you can fulfil your desires & make the impact you are here to make. 
Normal Price £197
Today's Price £37




Here’s what’s going to happen.


Days 1- 4- Get Unstuck 


The first week is about clearing the clutter from your energy system. Imagine it’s like we're deweeding the garden or clearing the surfaces so that we can get a clearer picture of what needs to be done. 

You will start to feel lighter, clearer and more energised, 




Days 5-10 - Going Deep


Now that we have made a pathway, cleared out the initial outer layer we are ready to go deeper and help shift on a more profound level. 


This week we will focus on helping you shift some of those more unconscious deep seated blocks. 



Days 11-14  Bringing in New.


Now that you have cleared out old emotions and blocks, it's time to bring in new fresh positive energy and keep your vibrations high.


The focus will be on opening you heart, bringing in positive, loving energy and helping you get a clearer picture of how you want your life to be. 


You will feel free, alive & ready to shine bright like you were born to do. 

I'd love you to join me on my  14 Days to Getting Unstuck Challenge . The people who join this group are going to form an amazing bond and watch each other come alive again. I can't wait. 

See you on 18th January 

Much love 

Rachel xx

 14 days to Getting Unstuck 
Normal Price £197
Today's Price £37
Challenge Starts on 18th January 




When you complete the challenge, you will …

  • Feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders

  • Have let go of emotional or physical blocks that have been holding you back 

  • Be clearer about what you want and excited about the future 

  • Have the tools you need to say unstuck when life throws you curveballs

  • Be more confident & in alignment with who you are 

Here is what you’ll get when you join …

  • 14-Days Virtual Coaching & Mentoring 

  • 5 transformational Energy Clearing & Sound Healing Sessions

  • Access to our Private Getting Unstuck Facebook Challenge Group

  • A supportive community of like minded people to connect with.

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14 Days to Getting Unstuck

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