Have you ever found yourself staring in the mirror looking at  someone who is tired, lost, and frustrated with life?


Perhaps, on the surface everything “looks” ok… You have a house, a job, a wonderful family, so you keep telling yourself “I should be happy.” 


Yet deep down...you aren’t. 


You don’t feel fulfilled. You feel frustrated. Overwhelmed. Tired.


In short...you feel STUCK. 


It’s holding you back, and you want OUT.  You want to feel alive again.

You may be wondering is it even possible for me to get unstuck?


I’ve got good news for you, the answer is YES.


You ABSOLUTELY CAN get unstuck, and best of all, it won’t require pills, loads of therapy or painful regressions back into the past


It won’t take years or even months.


It can happen in just 21 days…


How?  I’ll tell you, but first let me introduce myself..


I’ve been where you may find yourself right now, feeling stuck


Hi, my name is Rachel Wayte. Back in early 2018 I turned 40. It was a very turbulent time for me. Like you I kept telling myself I should be feeling happy. I had a very supportive husband, a beautiful 5 year old daughter and I had even managed to leave behind a mundane job I hated and was running my own massage therapy business 



Yet there were times I couldn’t stop myself from crying, I felt really low and kept beating myself up ALL the time. I’d wake up feeling low and found it hard to shift that feeling. 


What had I achieved with my life? Why wasn’t I earning the same amount of money as my friends and family? I should be doing more with my life. 




I remember a very honest conversation I had in my kitchen with my husband. I’d been crying . (We’d been going around in circles of me feeling like this for months). 


I remember him asking me  “Do you really want to change?” 


Ouch! That really hit home and I thought YES I DO.. 


I need to change, I know there is a bigger purpose for me out there, I know I’m not meant to be feeling like this. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to get there and I know I’m going to need some help, but I’m not staying stuck where I am. 


Healing my own emotional & physical pain 


And so began my own journey of healing my emotional & physical blocks that had been holding me back from truly stepping into my light and living with purpose and joy rather than being stuck in a negative spiral of worry, complaining and being fearful of making changes in my life.



I did 2 things; I hired a mentor and I went for regular healing sessions. Together these 2 things helped me step into my light and purpose as a healer & mentor.


I’d known for years about my healing capabilities but had hidden them. I stayed safe and called myself a massage therapist. I  had been scared to use or advertise my healing for fear of what my friends, family and clients would think. 


Yet because I’d started the journey to becoming UNSTUCK, I could quieten those negative emotions and negative voices in my head. I knew deep down that I had a gift and I needed to share it with the world. 


 In November of 2018 I finally said YES to my calling...


Helping others to heal 


Now I’m in a place where I feel called to help others to heal in a deep way, to let go of the things that are weighing them down. You see your pains whether physical or emotional are often held somewhere within the body and it could be something that you are not even conscious of that took hold a long time ago. I can help you release theses blocks so you can get out of the cycle of self sabotaging behaviour, of fear, anxiety depression, overwhelm and into a place of lightness, clarity and ease so you can move forward in your life, 


How do I help

I’m the founder of a healing art form called Soul Sounding - a powerful combination of sound & energy healing. I channel healing energy & sound vibrations with my voice. I have a deep sense of intuition and a knowing of what people need. I know where people are in pain, I know where they are hurting and I can help them understand where the roots causes of their blocks are coming from and to release them from the body. 


I have helped clients let go of deep pain, their depression and anxieties, their emotional traumas and helped them to find lightness, ease and clarity again in their lives again. And now I’m stepping up and wanting to help people just like you begin to find yourself again and start the journey towards a more fulfilled and happy life. 



INTRODUCING 21 days to Getting Unstuck
A 21 day programme of healing and mentoring to help release your blocks so you can shine bright like you were born to do,  
Normal Price £197
Today's Price £47
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Here’s what’s going to happen.


Week 1 - Get Unstuck 


The first week is about clearing the clutter from your energy system. Imagine it’s like we're deweeding the garden or clearing the surfaces so that we can get a clearer picture of what needs to be done. 

You will start to feel lighter, clearer and more energised, 




Week 2 - Going Deep


Now that we have made a pathway, cleared out the initial outer layer we are ready to go deeper and help shift on a more profound level. 


This week we will focus on helping you shift some of those more unconscious deep seated blocks. 




Week 3 - Bringing in New.


Now that you have cleared out old emotions and blocks, it's time to bring in new fresh positive energy and keep your vibrations high.


The focus will be on opening you heart, bringing in positive, loving energy and helping you get a clearer picture of how you want your life to be. 


You will feel free, alive & ready to shine bright like you were born to do. 

I'd love you to join me on my  21 Days to Getting Unstuck Challenge . The people who join this group are going to form an amazing bond and watch each other come alive again. I can't wait. 

See you on 28th October 

Much love 

Rachel xx

 21 days to Getting Unstuck 
Normal Price £197
Today's Price £47
Get Signed up to be Notified when the next challenge starts



When you complete the challenge, you will …

  • Feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders

  • Have let go of emotional or physical blocks that have been holding you back 

  • Be clearer about what you want and excited about the future 

  • Have the tools you need to say unstuck when life throws you curveballs

  • Be more confident & in alignment with who you are 

Here is what you’ll get when you join …

  • 21-Days Virtual Coaching 

  • 6 transformational Energy Clearing & Sound Healing Sessions

  • Access to our Private Getting Unstuck Facebook Challenge Group

  • Access to all the recordings 

  • Chances to win prizes

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21 Days to Getting Unstuck


Release your blocks & shine your light bright like you were born to do.