1:1 Healing

Find lightness, clarity & ease 


People who find me tell me they feel: 

Pain, lost. overwhelmed, anxious, tired. In may ways they are  STUCK and they are looking for a way forward.  If this is you, I can help.

They leave feeling:

Freer, less pain, more energised, alive, calmer and most importantly with the energy to move forward & make changes.

Work with me 1:1:

I specialise in helping you release pain, stress, heavy emotions that have been  stopping you live the life you deserve.  The healing work I do will help you to clear the pain & negative emotions that keep you stuck on a daily basis & it will help you find a way forwards.  

We can connect from anywhere:

In our sessions I will connect with you via video call and work with you just like I would if you were face to face in the room with me.

It makes no difference that you aren't physically in the room, to me it's like you're sitting in front of me.

I'm happy to see people face to face too, these sessions are held at 

The Therapy Rooms, 176 Oldham Road, Springhead, UK OL4 5SJ


If you are ready to start your transformation click the BOOK ONLINE link to see prices & availability. 

There is the option to book an intro call if you want to talk to me first 


"This was a client's reaction to our very first session:

Well, I thought it was frickin' amazing... I have been seeking alternative therapies for a wide variety of issues for more than 20 years. My first energetic healing experience was back in 1998. Since then, I've experienced many, many different types of energetic healing practices, and have had a range of reactions from feeling nothing to holy s**balls amazing. This experience with you today definitely fell into that latter category. In fact, I’d rank it as one of my top five experiences (and I’ve had some really spectacular experiences

 I felt completely relaxed and at peace and energized at the same time. And now, several hours later, I still feel the same.

So, thank you Rachel. You have an amazing gift and I’m so happy you’ve decided to share it . And I can’t wait for the next healing session?"


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