Bespoke Healing & Mentorship

Tailor made private work with Rachel   


Are you ready to step into your Power, your Purpose & your Truth?

People who find me tell me that they feel stuck, they have a deep sense of knowing that they are meant for more and that it's time for them to step up but they are are being held back by fear, self doubt, resistance, stress, traumas from the past, overwhelm, pain, self sabotaging behaviour. 

These heavy emotions are weighing them down and stopping them moving forwards  

They have been searching for away to free themselves from their past because the know that now is their time to grow, to overcome their fears, their pains because it is  stopping them from living their truth, following their passions and sharing their voice & message.  


If this is you, I can help.

Work with me 1:1: - Transform your life 

I specialise in helping you release heavy emotions, trauma, stress, pains that have been stopping you live your life to your full potential. The sound & energy healing work I do will help you clear away the blocks that have been holding you back on your spiritual journey that keep you stuck on a daily basis & it will help you find a way forwards.  


I also work with spirit & angels as a channel,  so as you open up they will work together with me to help bring you clarity on your next steps. 

As we work together to release your past, your vibration will change, your relationship with yourself, your family will change and your path will become clearer. 


I will also guide & mentor you with practical tools & steps that will help you move forwards in your life & your career. 

This is deep & transformational work and as such I work privately with only handful of people to create your own bespoke 3-6 months healing & transformational programme 

If you are ready to start your transformation, step into your truth & power then I'd love to hear from you.

Set up a all with me be below, answer a few questions about you and we can talk deeper about how I can help you 

Introductory Offer Healing & Breakthrough Sessions - £197 ( Normal Cost £397) 

I appreciate, if you are new to me you may like to experience this work first hand before you go deeper, or you may just want a one off session  to help you through a certain moment in your life. Here to book in your introductory  60  minute Healing & Breakthrough Session below 


"This was a client's reaction to our very first session:

Well, I thought it was  amazing... I have been seeking alternative therapies for a wide variety of issues for more than 20 years. My first energetic healing experience was back in 1998. Since then, I've experienced many, many different types of energetic healing practices, and have had a range of reactions from feeling nothing to holy amazing. This experience with you today definitely fell into that latter category. In fact, I’d rank it as one of my top five experiences (and I’ve had some really spectacular experiences

 I felt completely relaxed and at peace and energized at the same time. And now, several hours later, I still feel the same.

So, thank you Rachel. You have an amazing gift and I’m so happy you’ve decided to share it . And I can’t wait for the next healing session."


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