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Rachel Wayte

Sound Healer & Energy Practitioner

People who find me tell me they feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed. 

They leave feeling like they've got the energy to move forwards.

I can help you to feel - lighter, freer, more confident, alive, more connected with who you are.



Hands on Healing

Find Lightness, clarity & ease


All 1:1 session are held at The Therapy Rooms, 176 Oldham Road, Saddleworth, OL4 5SJ

Distance Healing

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21 Days to Getting Unstuck

Join my 21 Day online healing challenge to Getting Unstuck 

Healing Stones

"I can honestly say that is was wonderful, Rachel makes you feel very safe and comfortable. 

Where there was dark, there is now light, where there is rage there is now calm and I can honestly say that now I completely understand myself, my current and past triggers. Wow that is so empowering.

Everything now makes perfect sense to me!"

Client Testimonial

Sarah, Oldham UK