Rachel Wayte

Sound & Energy Healer

People who find me tell me they feel pain, stuck, lost, weighed down - they are searching for more, they know they are meant for more & they are ready to release the things that have been holding them back.

They leave with the clarity, ease and freedom to move forwards with their life.

They feel ready to step into who they truly are.



1:1 Healing

Private 1:1 sessions online or face to face.  Let me help you free yourself from pain, stress & trapped emotions that have been keeping you stuck.

Monthly Healing Circle

Find deep relaxation every month. A chance for you to let go of any heaviness, manage your stress, & be guided into a place of deep relaxation - without having to leave your home.

Healing Stones

"I can honestly say that is was wonderful, Rachel makes you feel very safe and comfortable. 

Where there was dark, there is now light, where there is rage there is now calm and I can honestly say that now I completely understand myself, my current and past triggers. Wow that is so empowering.

Everything now makes perfect sense to me!"

Client Testimonial

Sarah, Oldham UK

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